Banners, flags etc.

Banners are a means of advertisement that cannot be ignored.
When they are placed at the facade of a building or spread across the street, everyone takes in its message.
Placed on a site fence, ad banners make use of the passer-by‘s curiosity, who wonders what might be behind it.
Their big surface has enough space for meaningful messages and gets attention for important information.
Small flags and bow flags, that catch the eye with their unusual format and their movement, do a similar thing.
Nothing else says welcome like a bow flag, fluttering in the wind in the front of a shop.

We help you to raise curiosity!

You have got a space, practically made for a banner?
We care about the rest!
Based on your message and your individual public presence, we design your personal ad or site fence banner.
It doesn’t matter if you need your banner to be up long-term, or only for single events.
We will always design your banner according to your current demands.
The same applies for bow flags, smaller flags etc. Through our long-lasting experience with outdoor advertising, we can also give competent advice on which materials and formats are suitable to your ends.
Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!