A website that needs to arouse interest and to stick in the memory requires good photos.
They capture the visitor on a visual level and are recorded and stored without large detours.
A good picture is remembered much longer than a complex graph or text, because it creates emotions, supplements the content of your online presence and makes it more accessible.
Moreover, photos provide a direct connection to your company.
The more a photo is individually tailored to you and your message, the more effective it is.
So, there is hardly anything else that determine the first impression of your website as much as the photos people will encounter there.
This is actually something which applies to your advertising and your marketing material too.

Tailored pictures instead of run-of-the-mill stock photos

On the Internet, there are countless photographs that are supposed to be usable free of cost.
The use of stock photos etc.,, however, hides legal pitfalls that can lead, in the worst case, to high warning fees.
Because, the fact that a picture can be downloaded from a free picture database, doesn’t mean that you can use it for every purpose.
Besides, creator and model can both change their minds anytime and withdraw their authorization.
This applies also in other sectors of photography, because the copyright and the right to the personal image supersede all.
People who want a made-to measure website, count on individually made photos.
Whether a portrait, pictures of you and your team in action or unique mood motives, made exactly for your range of products, your activities and your message:
Almost anything is possible.
We are happy to advise you in detail and develop ideas for the perfect motives.
They can then be realised by our in-house photographer in a professional way.
Image videos and more are also possible.

Count on individuality and leave an …

…impression that lasts!