Our references


You are looking for meaningful web design references from Bremen?
Then welcome to vege.net!
We are your agency for creative web design for Bremen and around.
At this point, we compiled for you a selection of our works.
Among them, websites for companies and associations, web shops and other web design projects.
Each of them made-to-measure and as individual as its commissioners.
The list is always enlarged and complemented, so feel free to check back often.

Web design ensures visibility

A well-designed, meaningful website is more than just a business card on the internet: it shows that you, your company or your association exist. If you don’t have an online presence, it is much more difficult to win new customers, because search engines like Google are tools that are used as a matter of course in everyday life. Instead of personally exploring what is on offer in the area or looking it up in the Yellow Pages, the smartphone is asked for the nearest provider. Our web design references show how we have helped our customers from Bremen and around to an internet presence that makes them visible to searchers and search engines.

The whole variety of web design

Based on our web design references from Bremen and around you can see the whole variety of possibilities with which visibility on the Internet can be generated. Appealing design and user-friendliness are of course the top priority, but a strong website needs even more to stand out from the competition. In order to attract the attention of the user, it must arouse curiosity and convey content with added value. Let’s take the example of a law firm that not only names your main areas of focus, but also briefly describes them and also provides orientation on the subject of fees. This is information that many people are looking for. Often in vain, however, because certain knowledge is considered to be generally given in specialist circles. Our web design references, on the other hand, make it clear: If you consider the view from the outside and assume that certain knowledge is not self-evident, this radiates competence and customer proximity. This creates trust and directs the focus away from the competitor towards you and your company!

Web design from Bremen and for the whole region!

Our web design references show: the majority of our customers come from Bremen and around. The reason is the close cooperation that we maintain with our clients. Short distances, accessibility, exchange and personal contact are important to us. In this way, we create websites that precisely convey the essence of the companies, people and associations to be presented. We don’t assume that you always know exactly what you need or want: That’s what you have us for! Our experience in web design, marketing and advertising is extensive and always at your disposal.

We love to implement your ideas and wishes precisely and at the same time offer a huge pool of further inspiration and concepts. Our web design references from Bremen and around offer a first impression of what is possible.

Nationwide and networked beyond the borders of Bremen

In addition to customers from Bremen, Lower Saxony and Co., we look after those who operate nationwide or internationally. Therefore, multilingual websites are also part of our portfolio. You can also find these in the pool of our web design references. Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin or Munich? No matter where you are, we are there for you. As true Hanseatics, honesty, clarity and reliability are part of our DNA. Whatever we tackle, we do it right, which also means that we are only satisfied with a project when you are. We present some of our best here in our web design references. Thanks to our broad network, which spans the entire Federal Republic and in some areas worldwide, we can also implement very individual wishes. Just talk to us.

Have you found websites in our references that particularly appeal to you? Do you have an idea that we have not yet implemented in this form or have you found references from Bremen while surfing through our website and now really feel like tackling the topic for yourself? Then contact us! We look forward to you!