Time flies and the supposedly new website has become two years old.
In this phase, there can be big changes in technical and data protection law terms.
Besides, search engines always impose new requirements, the smartphone etc. needs responsiveness, screens become bigger and hackers more resourceful.
At some point, a time has come in which the website still looks good, but the stuff in the background is not running smoothly anymore.
Sooner or later, outdated features collide with the current standard and stop working.
This need not be.
People who get their website regularly checked for content and technical functionality save themselves trouble and often also money.
So, a homepage has much in common with a car:

Your webseite too has to go regularly to the TÜV.

A website check is as important as a regular TÜV approval.
But if nobody reminds you of it, you can be likely to forget to check your own website, because from experience, people take care of themselves last.
We take on this task and check your website regarding its technical and legal condition.
We also test basic functions like the responsivity (that is, its display on smartphone, tablet etc.).
At the end, we give you a non-binding assessment of what would be necessary to bring your website again in an up-to-date shape.
The website check is free of charge for new and existing customers.

Count on individuality and leave…

…an impression that lasts!