We are passionate about Bremen ‘s north and especially about Vegesack, where we are based.
We know all the little local features that characterize people and businesses here, we know what our part of town offers and which potential it yet has.
We want to show it to the whole world and therefore engage in active regional marketing.

Because it is our passion, and really important to us!

In 1996, we founded
On this page, you find everything you need to know about this part of town, with all the important news and information about tourism, leisure activities, citizen services etc. The only calendar for all events in the north of Bremen is a unique selling point for the region, as well as the five webcams operated by us-all on a voluntary basis.
People from all over the world look every day through the webcams at our favourite destination.
Added to this are the, strongly frequented, websites at Facebook and Instagram and the free vegeMail with the local suffix of your choice.
Apart from the ultimative website for Vegesack, we have also created individual pages for other town parts in the North of Bremen.
Besides, we support the marketing of other parts of Bremen in the matter of graphics, web and social media.
Of course, we have also a big heart for the various shops, service providers and associations near us.
We love to collaborate with them, develop ideas and help with their implementation.
Because we live in this region and love it as much as they they do. We`re available anytime in our office, right in the Vegesack pedestrian zone.