How can I reach for long-term, new potential customers?
How can I be seen, apart from printed advertisements, posters and social media?
It is clear: with individual advertising on car, trailer etc. Hardly any other means of advertising has so long-lasting an impact, speaks to so many people in daily life and has such a sustained recognition value.
With a car wrapping, designed especially for you, your car becomes a rolling billboard.
Even when your business is the car itself!
You are e.g., looking for a professional who designs your sales vehicle or food truck?
You have an extraordinary mobile concept and all it still lacks are the right optics?
Then, get in touch. We will bring your idea out on the streets.

We develop your street presence!

Whether company car, trailer or caravan:
We decorate all that has wheels and that helps to increase awareness for you in the public space.
For this, we create a unique design, that shows the world who you are and apply it, in co-operation with various Bremen advertising technology firms, to your vehicle.
Whether part-or complete foliation, a plain presence of your logo or extraordinary eyecatcher:
Anything is possible.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!