Master data changes

You have moved house, had a new telephone number or want to use the direct debit.
Please send us this form per fax or mail.
CAUTION: You are required to communicate every change of address!

Provider change I Auth Code request

You wish to leave us and want to transfer your domain to another provider?
For this, you will need the so-called Auth Code.
You can request it from us using this form.

Request for domain transfer

You want to transfer your domain to another person?
Please use this form and send or fax the completed document back to us.

SEPA direct debit

If you want to use our direct debit system, please fill out this form and fax it to 0421 6489 70 9-9.


Send us the completed and signed form to:

    Reeder-Bischoff-Str. 29
    28757 Bremen


    042165 89 70 9-9