Corporate Identity?
What is it, and do I really need it?
The clear answer is:
At least, when you wish to stand apart from your competitors and show immediately what makes your business so special.
The Corporate Identity (or CI) transports the self-image and the philosophy of a company or brand uniformly outwards.
This leads to a long-term recognition effect.
A good CI creates sudden insights in the shortest of times.
In the best case, logo, colour combination or typeface get so closely connected to your company that the viewer immediately knows who this is.
This applies also to the internal use: A CI creates a space for identification with one ‘s company and a feeling of togetherness.

A strong brand needs a distinctive CI!

We develop your Corporate Identity and show the world who you are.
This starts with a unique logo and reaches from a tailored colour scheme to the typeface and the appropriate language.
All of this comes eventually to your website, we adjust your social media activities, design corporate stationery, car and showcase wrappings and take care of your marketing activities in print and web.
Everything tailored to your requests, of course, and fitted to your individual demands.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!