In the restaurant, at the hairdresser ‘s, at the doctor ‘s, in the supermarket or at the collection points of numerous cultural institutions:
You can find flyers and leaflets everywhere.
They inform you, point to special offers or advertise services and events.
Who hasn ‘t got it in a drawer, the small menu of the delivery service or the favourite restaurant?
Who doesn ‘t take along the price list of the massage parlour next door or looks at leisure at the offers of the jewelry business when at home?
Discount campaigns or event programmes have enough space on flyers or leaflets, too.
Through the possibility to spread all this information by placing them at different sites, you will reach a huge circle of interested people.

Information in the right packaging!

Home-made and unprofessional bog-standard flyers are money down the drain.
To avoid going under in the mass of advertising, design is as important as the informational content.
We customize your flyers and leaflets to your individual CI and create a design with recognition value!
Together, we select the appropriate format and paper.
What is just a means to an end for many, comes here with all the important details.
Because we know from long-standing experience that the feel of a flyer determines as much as its optics if people take it along.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!