Nothing is in outward perception more connected to a company than the logo.
It conveys the essence of a company, shows what it is standing for and makes it, with a single sign, unique.
As a central part of the Corporate Design (CD) it strengthens also the Corporate Identity (CI).
So, the logo is much more than a pretty sign that sticks decoratively in a corner.
A logo is a brand, and it is…

at the first glance: YOU!

The design of a logo is a challenging task that requires much experience and instinct, because it is about more than just optics.
The art is to accommodate the philosophy of your company, your self-perception and your services-
in short: your whole company-in one sign.
And in a way that always awakes the right associations.
For this reason, it is important to leave the right impression from the beginning.
We design a logo that is absolutely unique.
Apart from developing different graphic elements, typeface and colour range, there can be on request also the development of a claim.
Even existing logos can be reworked and adjusted to the times, without losing their recognition value.
From discreet to radical:
We are happy to advise you.
Even if you already possess a logo you like, but lack the graphics file to use it.
No problem: We will recreate it for you.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!