Posters put your message in the visual field of passers-by, visitors, guests, etc. Thereby, you communicate literally on eye level; and at almost every place from which you want to reach your potential customers.
At the same time, a well-designed poster or placard does not only transport information but can even develop into a favourite item that can be permanently hung on a wall.

Go and show yourself!

You need a poster or placard for your event, want to introduce a special offer or to make aware of an event?
Please get in touch. We take care of the design, including your Corporate Design, and based on your individual request.
The format has few restrictions.
Posters and placards for the use on the premises are as possible as material for ‚customer stoppers‘ or for distribution.
If you think bigger and wish for a more prominent placing, we can book for you on request advertising spaces like City Lights, Megalights, billboards etc.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!