For webtexts applies:
(Good) content is king!
The days when websites were packed with endless rows of keywords and the reader could be tormented with hot-air texts, are over.
All of this is punished by Google today.
No wonder, because the internet user is not ready to invest more time than necessary getting to information.
For webtexts applies:
Good website texts therefore decide if and where you show up in search engines.
In the process, keywords etc. play a great role, but above all ranges the content.
In order that a potential customer will not only find you but return and contact you, it takes content with an added value.
This is what distinguishes well-ranking from average websites.
And that’s not all:

Each website has a language of its own!

As different as the industries are the self-images of companies.
There are also differences betweeen web-optimised and search-engine-optimised (SEO) texts.
They lay in the writing and the handling of the search engine.
Website texts are good if both sides are „satisfied “.
Added to this comes the right amount of personality that shows what makes your company, your association or your blog so special.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!