Managed VegeServer ab 49€/month.

You want the full flexibility of a Linux-root server, but not to deal with administration, updates, backups etc. yourself?

Then you will be perfectly satisfied with our Managed vegeServers.

Contact us – we make you a made-to-measure-offer!


  • Performance - 3.40GHz 8CoreCPU
  • Guaranteed working memory - 4 GB
  • Hard disk space-120GB in NvmeSSD-RAID
  • Own fixed IP address
  • My SQL databases - unlimited
  • CronJobs
  • Root/administration access
  • Root access via SSH
  • Traffic flatrate
  • Domain reseller interface
  • Daily backup
  • Operating system-Debian Stable
  • Own DNS administration


Cluster-hosting comes into play if it’s foreseeable that one server alone cannot handle the load of requests anymore, like e.g., at live performances, discount campaigns etc.
We distribute the requests then on up to 20 servers via a load balancer.

Our existing customers can book this service at short notice, without alterations to the regular webhosting.
The account is settled by days and the number of server nodes.

We are happy to advise you and make you a tailored offer.