The internet is no legal vacuum.
On the contrary:
Grey areas are often used by those that intend to do damage others.
For this, you need not to be a successful influencer, a top-selling company or an investigative journalist.
A simple website of an association or a private homepage are neither safe from warning letters.

The dangers lurk in the detail.

SSL, masthead, data protection, privacy shield, cookies, European General Data Protection Regulation…the (internet) right is always in motion.
Changes must always be transferred to the website swiftly and correctly.
This is not so simple if you hardly know your way around these matters and don ‘t have the necessary time to deal with the topic.
So, a masthead, a data protection info or the terms and conditions remain a little longer without updates and become a target of the next wave of written warnings.

There are also many things beyond the mandatory details that can go wrong.
Did you know, for example, that not every license-free picture is free of charge?
Did you know that texts are under the same copyright as photos and that the right to the image applies, even if the person in the image consented to the publication?
In the area of allergens and additives, too, there are time and again legal disputes because of faulty or missing information.

We can ensure your safety.

Dealing with the current legal requirements on the internet, also concerning images, graphics, text etc., is our daily business.
If you have any questions, get in touch. Although we can ‘t offer legal advice, we are collaborating with media rights lawyers and the official food control.
We can procure the according contacts on request.
Together, we ensure your safety.