If you communicate much and the content of your website has to be continuously complemented or modified, it means that you regularly need to invest time in implementing those changes.
Because nothing appears as unprofessional than outdated content.
Moreover, website users who are looking for recent information and do not find it on your site, will perhaps not return.
Often, however, you lack the time and resources to implement the updates.
After all, the day-to-day business comes first.

Take care of your core business.

Frequently, there is another problem:
You can, of course, maintain your website yourself. But if you do not do this regularly, you have not the according knowledge.
Each time, you ‘ve got to figure it out anew.
This costs even more time and can lead, in the worst case, to mistakes.
We are happy to take on this task for you, no matter whether if it’s about regular or occasional updates.
A call or an e-mail is enough for us to implement the requested changes.
Billing is either on an hourly basis or a fixed rate.

Count on individuality and leave an…

…impression that lasts!