Everybody starts small. This applies also to your first own website.
As a business card on the Internet, it should most of all:
Represent you, make yourself known and be a point of contact for potential customers and information seekers.
For this, you don ‘t need 400 subpages, mostly not several languages and no huge budget.
A small online presence is often enough for being found.

A small website is advertising with an impact too!

Many business founders, start-ups and beginners ask themselves if they, at the start, need a website at all.
Especially when customers are mainly addressed via Social Media channels.
Actually, a website is especially important in such cases.
It doesn ‘t has to be big or contain masses of information for making an impact!
An online presence like this emits integrity and makes you tangible in the otherwise so anonymous internet.
This generates trust: something that is more and more important the greater the number of fakes, scammers and dubious providers on social media etc. gets.
So, you should not do without a website, even as a small business or at the beginning.
Together, we begin with the basics and create a site for you to start with.
This can, if you wish, later be extended.
The cost for such a website for beginners is affordable also for small budgets, without having to forgo good design, functionality and service.
A payment by instalments is possible in many cases.
Just contact us, and we find your personal, tailored solution.

Count on individuality and leave…

…An impression that lasts!